Tommy G's Pub
12:30p Ross Catterton
2:00p Pudge
3:30p More Then Merry
5:00p Boxkar
6:30p WISGO
9:30p Redhawks
11:00p Phocus

The Hardware Store Bar
12:30p Jiffy Slim
2:00p Moooose
3:30p Walt Hamburger and the Young Browns
5:00p Redshift Headlights
6:30p Blackbelt Yellobelli
9:30p Pam the Bear
11:00p Kyle Megna and the Monsoons

The Pub
1:30p Brittany and Haley
4:30p Sam and Mads
5:30p Kyle Megna
6:30p Miss Molly
7:30p Christopher Gold
8:30p Parker Collar
9:30p Mark Hillstrom
10:30p Beth Kille
11:30p Johnny Schober

Veterans Stage
1:00p Janet Planet
2:30p Doozey
4:00p Big 'n Tasty
5:30p The Chocolateers
7:00p The Swinging Johnsons
8:30p Kyle Megna and the Monsoons
10:00p Scott E. Berendt
Plan B
1:00p Auralai
2:30p The Royal Blue
4:00p Sundown Kings
5:30p Sons of Kong
7:00p Jackson Street Polecats
10:00p The Swinging Johnsons
11:30p Scott E. Berendt and the Us Project

Bob's Inn
1:30p Adria Ramos
3:00p Redhawks
4:30p Phocus
6:00p Listening Party
7:30p Courtney and the 1-show 1-ders
10:00p Donnie Pick
11:30p Leading the Blind

Verbeten's Bar, Bowl, and Grill
1:00p Savanna Rose
2:00p Kurt Gunn
3:00p Erin Krebs and Jeff Johnston
4:00p Ebony Loren
5:00p Auralai
6:00p Adria Ramos
7:00p Beth Kille
8:00p Tom Thiel
9:00p Age of Fable
10:00p FeatHERwolf
11:00p Courtney Reynolds

WAPL/Stone Arch
Home Brewed Stage

1:00p A-Town Unplugged
2:30p Copper Box
4:00p Nordlund
5:30p Christopher Gold and The New Old Things
7:00p Queen Hilma
8:30p Red Light Saints
10:00p Boxkar
J2's Sports Bar and Grill
1:30p Miss Molly
3:00p Bad Haji
4:30p The Freques
6:00p Sundown Kings
7:30p More Then Merry
10:00p The Chocolateers
11:30p The Raglanders

Benchwarmers Bar and Grill
1:00p Age of Fable
2:30p Blackbelt Yellobelli
4:00p Red Light Saints
5:30p Nordlund and the Nornad Assembly
7:00p Pudge
10:00p Kurt Gunn Band
11:30p Doozey

Journey's Bar and Grill
1:30p Listening Party
3:00p Max Jones and the A-Tones
4:30p Jazz Orgy
6:00p Gilly Trio
7:30p Donnie Pick
10:00p Bad Haji
11:30p The 432's

Unison Credit Union
Electric City Fireworks

Central Park @ 9:30p
Loray's Pub
1:00p RJ Nordlund
2:30p Sons of Kong
4:00p Horace Green
5:30p The Royal Blue
7:00p Moooose
10:00p Walf Hamburger and the Young Buns
11:30p WISGO

K-Town Sports Bar and Grill
12:30p Erin Krebs and Jeff Johnston
2:00p Redshift Headlights
3:30p Queen Hilma
5:00p Mojo Road
6:30p The Freques
9:30p Big 'n Tasty
11:00p Christopher Gold and the New Old Things

Kaukauna Utilities
Hydro Park Main Stage

12:30p Unity
2:00p Kyle Megna and The Monsoons
3:30p Janet Planet
5:00p Woodland Indian Boys and Girls Club Dance Troupe
7:00p Rob Anthony
8:30p Tundraland Community Drum Circle